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Salt Lake City Municipal Golf Clubhouse Study

BC Studio recently performed a study of all 8 of Salt Lake City’s Municipal Golf Facilities along with the Nation Golf Foundation. During our study, we analyzed the existing conditions, and opportunities for improvement of the golf clubhouses and maintenance facilities for each course. The courses visited were Bonneville, Nibley Park, Forest Dale, Glendale, Jordan River, Mountain Dell, Rose Park, and Wingpointe. The historic charm of the late 1920’s Bonniville, Nibley Park, and Forest Dale combined with the modern approach to golf design at Wingpointe and Mountain Dell provided unique challenges and opportunities as each facility. However, there was a single constant between all of the facilities…. lack of TLC over the years. The earliest of the clubhouse (Forest Dale) was built in the 1930’s and seemed to be the best off. The majority of the original clubhouses had either bunt down or been torn down prior to the 1970’s. Bonneville, Nibley Park, Rose Park, are all products of the 1970’s architecture influence, which in not necessarily appealing to the needs of today golfer. The programmatic components and the layouts are basically reminiscent of the basic golf clubhouse, a pro shop, grill, kitchen, and small restrooms with cart storage somewhere nearby. For municipal facilities, extravagant locker rooms aren’t necessary and most often not used but the lack of a space large enough to hold a field of golfers was a concern. All of the clubhouses lacked adequate space for events and tournaments, resulting in loss of revenue to nearby courses.

Stay tuned for the 2 golf clubhouses that BC Studio is particularly fond of and the new concept designs for these facilities.

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